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  • I can't believe I have yet to scrobble this. I have my CD I bought almost 20 years ago somewhere around here. This is one of my favorites of all time.
  • I feel old..
  • Their masterpiece, basically. Electronic music made with passion.
  • Solid gold.
  • 10/10
  • The cover art is dire. But the Box is brilliant.
  • Master Piece
  • Out There Somewhere (Part 2) outstanding track
  • Brilliant! Great Record!
  • This is IT.
  • A magical trip into musical bliss....classic from start till end and without doubt Orbital´s finest moment...
  • Without doubt Orbital's finest work.
  • Brown is way up there but 'Sides is #1 without question (the original '96 8 track listing of course).
  • i discover Orbital listening this album, I prefer this over the rest Orbital albums!
  • One of the best electronica albums ever released . Have the album since it was released and I still listen to it to this day .
  • "In sides"- probably best electronic album I've ever heard- simply classic!
  • Still out of this world & highly original.... probably my top electronic album from the 1990s.
  • I like "Out there somewhere". It sonuds in test drive 4 on PSX XDD
  • My favourite of theirs. Quality.
  • For me the best orbital album of all time. Breathtaking!!!
  • My favorite album of all time. Always has been, always will be.
  • this is the pinnacle of the intelligent techno genre.
  • video for the box is awesome... old love ...ah
  • Terrasidus: I actually think it's the saddest Orbital album, but it is also the perfect mixture of sad and sometimes bright and sunny tones. Wow and that artwork...
  • life changer
  • Mind-blowing listen.
  • This is the kind of electronic music that I've been looking for lately. Of course, Orbital would be the answer.
  • Best electronica album ever!
  • The cover is awesome! Do you have the CD? If not your missing out on the best liner art ever! Its mental and trippy collagé type stuff. Funny and weird. Its indicative of the albums musical vibe, colourful and more "happy" than the other Orbital albums. If a bit weird. lol
  • This was one of my first ever albums, I was 13 (1996) and it blew me away, I still adore it. The Girl With The Sun In Her Head is just bliss and P.E.T.R.O.L. is the definition of EPIC techno. :D
  • I'm listening to it now after a looong time...and I recall why I loved it soooo much!!!!!!...da lacrime!!!
  • Best album ever. While I do like the songs tacked on after Out There Somewhere as singles, they don't fit the feel of the album and I prefer to end at OTS when listening to the album as a whole. And I also agree with the earlier opinion that Plaid's album Double Figure, while not quite as good, is an amazing album in a similar style.
  • Simply the best album.
  • This album originally ended with the long, beautiful fade of Out There Somewhere part 2. The rest of the stuff was added later and is utter rubbish in comparison. Yes, even Halcyon.
  • magnum opus! best album ever in electronica!
  • Eh, the only ones I like are The Girl With the Sun in Her Head and Adnan's
  • halcyon and on and on (live) for the Win!
  • Best album ever made in any genre. My favourite album of all time.
  • lol certainly up there in the top 5 most epic electronica albums ever! track for track for sure. :) ♪ ♫
  • fandabidozi ! Probably the best Electronic album in the world.
  • absolute classic
  • brilliant album
  • How come Plaid don't appear as a similar artist... ...listen to their 'Double Figure' album.
  • Out There Somewhere? is a mind trip!
  • Listening to it now makes me kinda feel ashamed that I didn't care about Orbital back in the 90s. Ah well. Better late than never.
  • The best album of the 90s
  • This album finds itself somewhere between transcendental state of infinite psychedelic electronic sound of universe and perfectness. I can listen to it now and everytime. I am still returning to this album and it still sounds like for the first time, like the messenger with the good news, that this is the way how to handle electronic sounds and feelings of listeners. Damn it´s good music!


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