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Biografia (Site of Ensemble Oni Wytars) (Site of Marco Ambrosini) (Site of the Oni Wytars Production Studio)

ONI WYTARS is an internationally reknown ensemble that has been founded in 1983 to give a new and impulsive expression to Early Music. Appearing in concerts and at festivals throughout Europe, Canada, Middle- and Far East they perform music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance aswell as classical and traditional Arab and Turkish music.

The focal point of Oni Wytars´ work is to unite the many traditions that have influenced and enriched European musical culture for centuries by building a bridge between ancient and still-thriving musical traditions, between Orient and Occident.

ONI WYTARS is acknowledged as an ensemble that is balancing "barefooted" (WDR-radio) on the edge between early and modern traditional Music blending elements from both the rich cultural heritage of medieval Europe and from their own diverse backgrounds- the instrumentalists and singers come from Austria, Germany, Italy, England, Iran, Spain and the U.S.A. - Oni Wytars has developed an intriguing performance style.

They perform on instruments from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, and on contemporary Arabic and Eastern European folk instruments. These include vielle, rebec, pochette, nyckelharpa, vihuela d´arco, hurdy-gurdy, oud, baglama, harp, shawm, chalumeau, mey, kaval, French and Bulgarian bagpipes, recorders, and Persian and Arabic percussion such as davul, zarb, bendir, darrabukka and riqq.

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