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  • Avatar di Lilmedonster
    who`s adele? [2]
  • Avatar di sgchili
    The ending of this cool song is very reminiscent of Tears For Fears "Head Over Heels"
  • Avatar di redandblu
    c'mon people. This isn't rock. It's a boy-band transplant. Track BANNED!
  • Avatar di Luo-east
    who`s adele?
  • Avatar di Gihsoza
    Someone to save you, i like *-*
  • Avatar di Mikel_LP
    Someone To Save You ♥ ♫♪
  • Avatar di BlackDiaboli
    I have an eargasm every time he sings "Like someone to save you" so high (at the end of the song, just after these "na na nana nanana").
  • Avatar di Ralyla
    the album is soooo good, but this one is perfect *.*
  • Avatar di MissTinkabell
    One of the best songs on the album ♥
  • Avatar di jhawk0134
  • Avatar di Ryan-C
    One of my favourite songs
  • Avatar di nfamxero21
    awesme band,awesme song =j..
  • Avatar di Jen420
    Honesty is what you need... ♥
  • Avatar di StanleyThePanda
    love love this album, truly breathtaking!
  • Avatar di xtigermilkx is the whole album, so emotive
  • Avatar di joep032000
    epic :)
  • Avatar di Coatesy184
    Love this song. One of the best on the album :)
  • Avatar di ozmire
    love it o.0
  • Avatar di misuzu_sawatari
    love this song its so cute!! love his voice..!!
  • Avatar di pardonmegiveup
    Patience took you for everything.
  • Avatar di Veroca80
  • Avatar di primogiorno
    beautiful song
  • Avatar di ram0nna
    The Best Band In The Whole World!Just LOVE IT!
  • Avatar di ineffabile
    l'adoro *w*
  • Avatar di leticiaag
    thank god my brother has a good taste.
  • Avatar di rafaguimaraes
    I Lovee !!!
  • Avatar di levilynnl
    Honestyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is what u neeeeeed ♥♥♥
  • Avatar di ssolppari
  • Avatar di kittyho
    one of my fav bands
  • Avatar di maxell15
  • Avatar di Mirju
    I Love it!
  • Avatar di Popher
    I recognise it.... but I dont know where from. Was it on any TV/Film/Adverts or anything? Pretty sweet tune anyway.
  • Avatar di Jessamine86
    this is a great song... :) i heart it.
  • Avatar di wolsely

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