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  • Avatar di cadaver11
    This must be the sequel to "Gotta Be You".
  • Avatar di cadaver11
    This song is fire! But Zayn's part sounds like something from a pop punk song.
  • Avatar di herculean_
    I love Zayn's part so fucking much
  • Avatar di lermankingz
    A melhor <3
  • Avatar di raddioactive
    HINO [2]
  • Avatar di spicecrafts
    If I were a booyyyyyyyyyy
  • Avatar di ohnolizzie
  • Avatar di luckyjimmy10
    Who do you think you are (running 'round leaving scars)
  • Avatar di mantis18
    Lovely ♥
  • Avatar di Toshi_0
    Zayn's part ♥ [18]
  • Avatar di superfungirl91
    Zayn's part ♥ [17] Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? [2]
  • Avatar di BellaLuvs1D4evr
    LISTEN. Their voices are fricking amazing! I LOOVE this song it is so heartfelt. and sad. LOOOve this song and 1D :)))))
  • Avatar di Oleg289
    "I slept on your doorstep, beggin' for one chance" <3
  • Avatar di xWhoSaysx
  • Avatar di TheSelena
    Best song in the album to me!!
  • Avatar di Walterchi7
    This song is FUCKING AMAZING!
  • Avatar di Liro_Monster
  • Avatar di emmiyay
    Zayn's part ♥ [16]
  • Avatar di cindyoudo
    i love one direction Harry's part <3 (30) love love love (3x)
  • Avatar di idsi
    Zayn's part ♥ [15] lovelovelove
  • Avatar di NerdyChiara18
    Adore this song!
  • Avatar di MrsMalik65
    Zayn malik voice! <3
  • Avatar di AbiMalik1D
    I almost died when I heard zayn's part! <3
  • Avatar di AbiMalik1D
    ZAYN <3
  • Avatar di xWhoSaysx
  • Avatar di HaffiderErste
  • Avatar di WhimsicalSweety
    Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am?
  • Avatar di TeddyBearz69
  • Avatar di Anna-wa
    Zayn's part ♥♥ [14]
  • Avatar di gabidranka
    makes me wanna cry ç-ç
  • Avatar di gabidranka
    long live by taylor swift + skyscraper by demi lovato. [2]
  • Avatar di Ricky_nho
    Zayn's part ♥♥ [13]
  • Avatar di HaffiderErste
    Zayn's part ♥♥ [12] ♥ ♥
  • Avatar di mikeyunicorns
    long live by taylor swift + skyscraper by demi lovato.
  • Avatar di Tangarinna
    Their best song. ♥
  • Avatar di Scarlitt23
    This is how I feel with this one guy :(. He has a girlfriend and I can't help but love him.
  • Avatar di radiateana
    Zayn's part ♥ [11]
  • Avatar di Mari1D
    Zayn's part ♥ [10]
  • Avatar di nickel111
    love this song
  • Avatar di Rayanne13
    Reminds me of my ex lol
  • Avatar di onedirection987
    love this song! LOL
  • Avatar di gabidranka
    If I were a Boy + Skyscraper LOL. [3]
  • Avatar di BaraPatty
    I want to hear this song live so badly, pleeease :)
  • Avatar di Gagissa
    Taken is good song! <3 I love Harry's voice here
  • Avatar di dbanda97
    Zayn's part (7) <333
  • Avatar di twstdsymphony
    kinda boring tbh
  • Avatar di lrreplaceable_
    This is a terrible, terrible song.
  • Avatar di radiateana
    Zayn's part ♥ [6]
  • Avatar di ONEDIRECTION150
    Zayn and Harry part <3 and Liam
  • Avatar di MissFanta
    Hary Edward Styles ♥ :) [3]


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