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I don't speak human (4:37)

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  • Good song, but good heavens is it stupid. The earth isn't some giant peaceful hippie commune that those nasty humans came in and crashed. Animal life is Hobbesian in the most literal sense; "red in tooth and claw". No sense in glamorizing that. The peacenik hippie lifestyle is a luxury afforded to no other animal species, and that's true only because humans, as the most cooperative species on the planet (with the possible exception of the social insects), form societies to insulate themselves from nature's vagaries.
  • This song is so real...
  • ..... hier kommt auch das Auge auf seine Kosten > .... enjoy !
  • Musik ist *die* Weltsprache, Frank .... evtl erreicht die Botschaft zumindest einige allein über die schönen Töne ... geile Mucke ! :-))
  • Dieses Stück in allen Weltsprachen, damit es JEDER versteht
  • This is THE message. Too bad those who should heed it will never listen.
  • ...great!!!
  • Wow nice *träum*
  • Love Omnia, love the sentiment in this song

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