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  • I must admit, this is dreadful.
  • abstract :P
  • beacuse thats his realy name and the "album" is actually a bootlegg.
  • Why would it be tagged with an ampersand and accents when they are clearly not on the album art?
  • I think their on another page with "&" instead of "and"
  • It sounds like Wolf Eyes, which is a good thing. This is so much better than the Mars Volta right now; they're slack, lemme tell you...
  • everyone trying to justify this album needs to stop. there is no need explaining an album dealing with noise and soundscapes to a 17 year old who discovered the mars volta through the use of looking at their older brothers friends' myspace music section, it is a petty insult but so is calling something that was only limited to 200 copies 'Dreadful' 'worst omar's album' '2/10 ' 'Rubbish, I couldn't even finish the album' and 'I've just listened to the first three songs and I can only hear noise... '(which, mind you, is the obvious point in the album). This is a clear as ice noise album with great sounds in it, the kids dissing on this don't even have much to say about music themselves clearly from looking at their pages.... geeze people, lighten the fuck up.
  • Haha Keep in mind that at the time Omar was in two The Mars Votla and At The Drive In... bands that he was putting all his time and money into, he put this out because it was the last music done with Jeremy Ward... who overdosed on heroin soon after.. Omar stopped using hard narcotics and also put out The Mars Volta's second album Frances the Mute dedicated to Jeremy ward.... so when you listen to this just think this is what it sounds like when a group of guys are on heroin surrounded by instruments...

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