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Oliver Shanti
Oliver Shanti, tedesco, fedele alle sue origini gypsy, a 13 anni era già imbarcato su una nave che faceva la spola tra Europa e Caraibi e si trasferiva successivamente a Parigi, Amsterdam, California e Nord Africa guadagnandosi da vivere cantando nei night clubs ed adeguandosi a qualsiasi tipo di lavoro; affascinato dalla musica orientale ha poi vissuto qualche anno in Libano da dove è scomparso per…

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  • Spreading hatred is as bad as hatred itself, please don't -__- It's not so difficult to throw insults at people, if one is so good at judging then he must judge himself first and be a good person himself first of all. This page is about music not a place to throw ones anger and hatred to, it made me feel really sad to read so many insulting comments under such a music -__-
  • I'm here for the music. Not for the person behind it. Period. [2]
  • Starry Sky <3
  • I stumbled upon this music due to my love for Tai Chi. I did not expect to find somebody with such a dark, dark past. Hopefully the survivors of his predation can find some peace at some point during their lives.
  • If you love Oliver Shanti, check out the new Mythos album Journey on
  • Fuck this pedo, he's also a plagiarist, he didn't even write the music. A child molester, a cheater and a liar. Die please.
  • Oh, oh, a pedophile ). Put pedobear on his avatar, and continue to listen )
  • I'm here for the music. Not for the person behind it. Period.
  • Just enjoy the damn music, jeez...
  • Forget Shanti--what about John Philips? "The circles intersect!"

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