• punk RnB rap

    Nov 7 2007, 7:19 di PeterRDavey

    In the case that anyone reads this:

    I like music. Good Music.

    Pony (Screwed and Chopped) the slowed down houston malasses-like feel of the south holds a grip on your body as the double click of the snare in repitition sets a chill up your spine. its so much more funkier sexier and badass than the plain original version. DL it here: Ginuwine- Pony (Screwed and Chopped)

    Harlem World. - It is true there is no father to odb's style = Starting off in the begging of the song by playing guitar with his voice. You can hear the influence Rza and Gza play in his rap and vocabulary. He intellectually holds back words "as i detect what i wrote with my ...." they said rhyming on the mic is the number one ...." Gritty rhymes "cant smile teeth too gritty."
    "go to school take a shit dont whipe your ass blame it on the other nigga in your class." brain insane claim fame gain came pain name. …