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  • Avatar di Metaknite
    bretty good
  • Avatar di Hear-Japan
    Oki teams up with Oshiro Misako, a shamisen player from Okinawa to make this unique Ainu/Okinawan hybrid! The album comes out tomorrow:
  • Avatar di IanAR
    Added to [url=/group/Streamable+Track+Wants/forum/57927/_/639770/_/13141525]Streamable Track Wants » Discussions » Artist Connections Overflow[/url]
  • Avatar di coffeeandpigs
    i swear this guy owns a kebab shop near me, he makes some killer burgers.
  • Avatar di yamdeeyam
    nuff respect!!
  • Avatar di gbakal
    Unfortunately, for some people everything out of West Europe and the US is all the same, so the tags make an entire mixture of West Africa, East Africa, Far East, Middle East, Central America, and so on, as though all the different cultures were the same. Poor people that just pretend to be interested on what is different, but don't knot how to respect differences. If I want to listen to music from Japan, suddenly I spent most of my time listening to West African or Persian songs, because people don't know how to use tags properly.
  • Avatar di Leto-Ahou-Heian
    this one's cool :-D

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