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  • One of their greatest tunes... always hits me... [2]
  • One of the finest tunes .... Always hits me ... Oasis heads ... Get in double
  • The live version at Maine Road is spellbinding:
  • My favourite Oasis song. Amazing.
  • Bom! Muito Bom!!!
  • Never ceases to make me get deep... One of the Noel's best tunes
  • For Richard Ashcroft <3
  • :( i love this song, is so ........perfect
  • Bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say.......
  • Goddamn the emotion. [2] Such a beautiful track.
  • As they took his soul, they stole his pride. <3
  • probably their best.
  • Whar a great tune!
  • Goddamn the emotion.
  • fab (11)
  • The song that got me into this beautiful band what feels like forever ago. It's something else
  • fab (10)
  • As I discover and rediscover Oasis, this is one of the tracks that keeps catching my ear. It almost makes you wanna soar through the skies. Crispy acoustic gat, gorgeous gliding strings, amazing vocals (both lead and background), with warm bass and percussion tucked behind it all that hold everything together. Uplifting but yet so sorrowful. So many meanings within it for me. There's something so ethereal about this one.
  • :-))) Thanx Roaddog for sending
  • Smooth song
  • I love that Noel can build epics out of garden variety chords.
  • this song was written for (honor to) richard Ashcroft (hey he's not dead, don't missunderstand) it is a game between oasis and Ashcroft! if you like it, you should listen the ball return from richard song which is "captain rock". this song is awsome too !
  • As they took his soul, they stole his pride.
  • U like this song? Then u may like this too :)
  • I love this entire album...I remember when my Vinny used to play them for me... the best of times...<3
  • Linda demais. [2]
  • Linda demais.
  • Such a beautiful piece!
  • lovelovelove<3 as he faced the sun he cast no shaadoow!
  • As they took his soul, they stole his pride.
  • Such an underrated song man! <3
  • Best. song. ever.
  • :)
  • Probably my favourite Oasis song.along with Live Forever.
  • Does anybody write songs like this anymore?
  • Hææææaoo!
  • Wunderschön!!!! Einer meiner liebsten Songs der Band :)
  • haha, MORNING GLORY ;)
  • Noel escreveu essa musica pro Richard Ashcroft, após ele meses antes ter escrito A Northern Soul pro Noel. Isso que é uma história de amizade linda entre dois grandes gênios da história da música britânica.
  • love it to!
  • perfection.
  • "cast no shadow" will never get old.. fact.
  • made for eternity
  • One of my favorite Oasis songs
  • brilliant song & album
  • My favorite Oasis song. Yes.
  • pure brilliance.
  • gooner is spot on......should have been a single. lyrics are brilliant.
  • Forgot how incredible this song is.[2]


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