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  • Avatar di hai_dere
    The River <3
  • Avatar di ninjiless
    Lol shit bio. Good producer though.
  • Avatar di Joni66777
    she охуенен и пиздат!!! )
  • Avatar di Suck_
  • Avatar di Runmaniac
    Can you swim FTW!
  • Avatar di Barakalypse
    These charts suck. Where is The River? Can You Swim? Lucid? Monochrome? None of the Smokin' Sessions Vol.16 tracks are even up there. You guys are missing out on some of Nin6's best shit
  • Avatar di shikoo
  • Avatar di OhMeLara
  • Avatar di 187umKilla
    @ThaEzzy: Can You Swim / Lucid got delayed last late Sept =(. Apparently he's working on releasing a new EP with Smokin' Sessions so stay tuned for that. I want Lucid so baddddddddd as well.
  • Avatar di n20sqrl
    Tom Bowling should be higher up on the charts. Straight blackmill status, love it!
  • Avatar di ThaEzzy
    Sitting and listening to his stuff on Facebook and his other official pages and I'm getting so fucking frustrated... It won't even let me buy half this stuff ! How do I get Can You Swim, Lucid, Blink If You Can Hear Us and all these other ridiculously delicious tracks?
  • Avatar di terr0r_fish
    Absolve <3
  • Avatar di CandyAltruism
    he was in nyc in may ;)
  • Avatar di n20sqrl
  • Avatar di postmortemdecay
  • Avatar di splin39
    Garbage просто шикарен ^_^
  • Avatar di sound_of_space
    Mosh заебцом:D
  • Avatar di Shlumberger
    Mosh это pizdets )) ))
  • Avatar di LNIP
  • Avatar di nosrslyitsnikki
    holy shit come to nyc,
  • Avatar di juhomnomnom
  • Avatar di AnathemaOfZos
    First thing I heard was Nebulous. Holy hell. Good stuff.
  • Avatar di Akana_
    NumberNine6 is so ill
  • Avatar di Akana_
    His new shit is great (on his facebook)
  • Avatar di Akana_
    what is there not to love?
  • Avatar di Akana_
    sick, sick ass shit
  • Avatar di bledun
    трек про мусор ништяк,все бы в таком стиле..
  • Avatar di Explash
    Absolve truuuuuue
  • Avatar di Stoffenl
    Nishant Parikh
  • Avatar di x3phr
  • Avatar di weedbringer
  • Avatar di Orsanko
    Tom Bowling и When You Told Me волшебные )
  • Avatar di QubikNoobik
    Mosh is Great!!!
  • Avatar di nervous_brkdown
    Saw him at Pin Up 2 in PGH last night. Bad ass.
  • Avatar di Johnbrutal138
  • Avatar di Ad_Noctum
    грамотный дядя
  • Avatar di GrannyGreen
    This is some of the best shit I've ever heard.
  • Avatar di bucknasty0423
    Numbernin6 you are seriously my favorite dubstep artist right now hands down. and i listen to alot of damn dubstep. keep killin
  • Avatar di 187umKilla
    This guy really got my attention with dubstep. Taking a whole new approach with his trance background and combining it. Pretty sweet stuff indeed. Sarangi sounds amazing =D
  • Avatar di ManiacDancer
    I really really need a download link for hunt you down :o
  • Avatar di bucknasty0423
    Hunt You Down is. SO. FUCKING. HARD!
  • Avatar di jade_amanda_
    absolve is SOWLID.
  • Avatar di sevaastranaut
  • Avatar di EraizZa
  • Avatar di xZVampressZx
    soooo gooooood!
  • Avatar di abn0rmal-pdx
  • Avatar di IG-Jordy
  • Avatar di MonkeY_ShaNo
    ваще крутой
  • Avatar di demitriusjp
    Please come to Chicago. Otherwise I'd have to fly out west, and I fucking hate LA.
  • Avatar di WormsOfTheEarth
    finally, some complex dubstep with good melodies!


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