• Rate Your Music Sucks

    Set 28 2007, 4:33 di AxemRangers

    [19:15] Uninterpretative: it honestly does look like discogs for retarded people

    It wasn't too long ago that I started seeing lots of folks on last.fm linking to pages on a site called "Rate Your Music," primarily for things like favorite album lists, but also in their profiles for no specific reason. Now, of course, for the longest time, I never followed or payed mind to these links at all. But as I started seeing more and more of them, I became embarrassingly intrigued as to why users on a music-oriented social networking site (of sorts) would be feverishly linking to another music-oriented social networking site. So, one day I pointed my Firefox to www.rateyourmusic.com and set up an account to see what it was all about.

    After using many of the site's features, I can say with total conviction that I'm not at all sure what it is all about.

    Rate Your Music ("RYM") appears to be a poorly conceived, unpleasant chimera of MySpace, last.fm and Discogs. It encourages the same sort of music discussion as last. …