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...Little Broken Hearts
Norah Jones

...Little Broken Hearts

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  • Hey, some people use stylized album titles (MusicBrainz does). Some user (RJ_mymusic) is manipulating the album art with a "fix your tags" image and changed the Wiki. That isn't coming from, so ignore it.... down-vote it when it appears.
  • let them do whatever they like...
  • I'm acting like a dummy - and love it :)
  • It is stylized as "...Little Broken Hearts" but known as "Little Broken Hearts". even Blue Note Records noted that and also do you see a track list in here? so it's not official and also updated Jones discography without it. check it out:
  • The cover definitely got three dots in the title ... So more than one truth here I guess - the real problem is that doesn't link the two titles to the same release.
  • I don't know why people want to act like a dummy when the truth is infront of them!!! it's the wrong tag can't you see it? just go to her page and see this or how about check the wikipedia?
  • are you blind or stupid? it's correct
  • the right tag: 657,931 plays (34,808 listeners) this one: 9,132 plays (374 listeners) it explains it all which one is the right tag...
  • is that so hard so hard to het your tags right? just remove the dots
  • Correct for "Little Broken Hearts" [3]

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