• Tracks of 2009

    Dic 12 2009, 18:45 di y2penni

    1)Empire of the SunWithout You

    A stone-wall classic. In recent years, there haven't been many songs that have evoked the sound of the 80s with such modesty and confidence. But this commonplace connection with the New Romantic era isn't the only aspect that justifies a number one spot; the music is rich in every one of these emotions: heartache, requited love, apprehension, regret, obsession, jealousy, selfishness, and self-pity. It only takes a second of the music, and you're drawn into a wistfully contemplative reflection. The chorus is the heart of the song, as Steele belts out with full emotion and honesty: "I get the feeling when we're apart / I get the teaching that I can't be without you". The song is essentially about love, and could easily be imagined at the end of a wedding disco as the chills are felt through the kindred spirits, or the broken-hearted. 80s throwbacks aren't uncommon in music today, but this feels like more of a synth pop song for the 'teens' (2010-20)…