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I Nine Inch Nails sono un gruppo industrial rock statunitense, formatosi nel 1988 a Cleveland (Ohio) indicato spesso anche come NIИ, logo ideato dallo stesso Trent Reznor, frontman della band dal passato d'enfant prodige della musica classica, che è appunto il vero cardine del gruppo trattandosi del principale compositore, sia strumentale che testuale (qualcuno li definisce infatti "one man band"). La musica dei NIИ è un ibrido molto personale di elementi rock ed elettronica, a volte attorniato da reminiscenze pop… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Row Row Row Your Boat Down Shit-SHT-SHT-SHT creaking creek, creepy creepy creepy HEY! TSH TSH TSH gotta row a fucker beat a fucker shit on a fucker so FUCKING DREARYYYYYYYyyyy and then it fell apart, my boat snapped, my head went kaboom and I was fucking left on my own, I ate a bird, feathers-FEATHERS--FFFFFFUCKING FEATHERSSzzzzz I spat out and grew some wings, higher, icarus, higher. HEY! *synth*
  • Any ideas for name of the new album ??? :D
  • any news?
  • Self Destruction, Final ------> Masterpiece
  • David Bowie was the one, who introduced me to Trents work. Gratefully thankful for this. RIP. :'(
  • Right where it belongs <3
  • it's really amazing how listening to TDS and The Fragile thereafter can provoke a majestic catharsis. used to be a regular habit for me, on a daily basis, to listen to these two albums every afternoon, back in high school.
  • came back haunted by the possibility of shaving my eyebrows, imagine trent with no eyebrows, it'd be like looking at a sink.

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