• All 116 Nine Inch Nails songs ranked

    Ott 23 2010, 19:36 di Trentskers

  • Top 10 Tracks

    Set 17 2006, 17:23 di emir7

    This is subject to change, of course.

    10.We Believe

    Though it seems like this track was pretty much neglected on Stadium Arcadium, it was one of my personal favorites. The Chili Peppers were blessed with some great rhythm, and this song is a testament.

    09. The Mark Has Been Made

    A lot of NIN songs seem to drag on, and aren't really the kind of songs you'd like to be listening to on a Friday night...but this one is a bit different. Very subtle background music, almost. A great track.

    08. Territorial Pissings

    Probably my favorite song from Nirvana. One of their fastest, and a pleasure to drum to, being a former musician. Though maybe there's a bit of sorrow coming from the fact that they've been split for a pretty long time now...:(

    07. Have You Ever

    Dex nailed it with this one. The overall theme of Americana was basically about the problems with the USA, and other than The Kids Aren't Alright, this is the most related song to the mission. …