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I Nightwish sono un gruppo musicale symphonic metal finlandese formatosi nel 1996 a Kitee.

Nato come gruppo acustico su idea dell'attuale tastierista e compositore Tuomas Holopainen, col tempo si è evoluto toccando svariati generi e influenze musicali dalle influenze acustiche con voce lirica degli esordi fino al symphonic metal orchestrale di impatto cinematografico.


I Nightwish nacquero a Kitee, in Finlandia, nel 1996,…

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  • v So basically just an episode of Hetalia :3 I can't compete
  • Kappa
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  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dlaa fanów Nightwish
  • "Not all BBCode is currently working, if you see some BBCode that doesn't appear to have any effect, please do not remove it." most amazing website redesign implementation ever
  • Me sitting in my bed watching Netflix most amazing night ever
  • Wow Jackie Evancho tonight was the best concert of my life
  • Wow... Nightwish live yesterday at HMH, they were bloody brilliant. Might just've been truly the greatest show on Earth.

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