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New Order è una band Synthpop formatasi a Manchester, UK, nel 1980 dalle ceneri dei Joy Division, il cui cantante, Ian Curtis, si suicidò il 18 maggio del 1980.

Pur mantenendo inizialmente un'impronta musicale molto aderente alle cifre stilistiche della precedente formazione, d'altra parte per 3/4 uguale alla nuova, i New Order svilupparono presto un loro sound distintivo, affrancandosi dall'immaginario più "dark" e new wave dei…

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  • The new album is damn good.
  • Living with it for a couple of months now, my opinion hasn't really changed - Singularity is fucking brilliant, I really like Restless, Plastic and Academic are good, Tutti Frutti and Unlearn this Hatred are quite good, the rest I could leave. Stray Dog I could bury in a lead lined box, it's not New Order. I don't think Music Complete is much better than Republic, Get Ready or Waiting... It's certainly no Technique but does has flashes of brilliance that they are always capable of.
  • <3
  • Geez Academic is great! Really love Singularity also, rest of the album not so much. Sounds too much like rehashing early 90's stuff.
  • Music Complete is Amazing [7]
  • New album sounds like an old whore who is back on the job again after 30 years since quitting. Tracks for South Park's gay bar. Even his voice now reminds me of Mr.Garisson.
  • New Order at Roskilde 2016 YEAH!!!!
  • Universal people looking for the perfect beat
  • Loving the Music Complete Extended Mixes from the vinyl boxset
  • Music Complete is Amazing [6]

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