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  • drums
  • Underrated.
  • bsimpson1972 is dead on! absolutely stands on that line between where joy division were at the end and where new order were moving toward. wonderful to hear the song evolve from something cold to something warmer, more textured, and even a little playful. love!
  • The version of this track on Peel Sessions, in my option, is a better recording compared to the Movement LP.
  • Sounds like a spacy version of "Dead Souls". Ian Curtis may be buried, but his soul will never die.
  • this is such a great song.
  • Makes me think of a slower than usual Ian Curtis dance.
  • This one always makes R2 go crazy.
  • I love the spacy sound near the end of the track
  • Best. Song. Ever. (There's not too many of those!)
  • Amazing track.
  • I think this album is very Joy Division-ish, but especially this song. Wow!
  • the production has a very Joy Division-esque sound to it
  • GREAT !!!
  • Erratum: Where I said "to Ian", I meant to say "from Ian". Sorry!
  • ICB is the hommage, as well as the departure to Ian and it is fucking awesome! It hearkens back to everything JD and it also gets NO on its future tracks! What an amazing piece of music!
  • Most of the tracks on Movement are very much loyal to the Joy Division sound and mood. ICB, in my opinion, is the one track foreshadowing their future style. Very much aptly named Ian Curtis Buried.
  • so ahead of its time
  • lol I saw someone on saying it stands for "Interface Control Board"
  • 不错 喜欢。。
  • Ian Curtis Buried

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