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  • Very Type O Negative-esque to me :P Great track
  • My favorite Nevermore song.
  • Such a beautiful song...I love it :)
  • "Did they paint your dreams in pale shades???"
  • Nice
  • Just beautiful. Guys please, don't play fools and get back together ! We want to hear Nevermore again!!!
  • Fuuuuuuck. The singing in the outro is just pure emotion
  • This song reminds me of My Dying Bride.
  • love every piece of this song.
  • Meet me.
  • Swim through me, meet meeeh
  • Awesome song.
  • means a lot to mee[2]
  • My favorite Nevermore song ever.
  • This song's chorus always sends chills down my spine, even if it's just background music
  • i'm not really into nevermore but this song blows me away somehow. [2]
  • nice track
  • Warrel mother fucking Dane
  • so beautiful <3
  • most of ya'll might not even know but I miss sanctaury
  • yes, total masterpiece.
  • in my opinion,one of the best songs ever,dreamy..
  • Best of them - absolutely mind-blowing!
  • Atmospheric masterpiece.
  • Emotional and beautiful. The second refrain "Meet me ..." sounds menacing somehow, from the pain that lies in it.
  • Meet me in the drowning pool of tears, and wash away my innocence.
  • One of the best songs.
  • Amazing song.......
  • The way he screams "My only cure.." is just unbelievable. The female vocals always remind me a bit of Suite Sister Mary lol
  • Awesome song and lyric!
  • totally awesome song ! I used to listen it 20 times a day and still hadn't got enough of it. perfect one!
  • Masterpiece.
  • epic
  • just perfect
  • all time classic...
  • shit brings back memory's.
  • Beautiful song.
  • Hadn't listened to this in a long time. Needless to say, it has blown me away again.
  • fucking great song! I can't stop listening it... \m/
  • Kind of.
  • Nevermore's doooooom metal song. =)
  • Word.
  • They're not just another great seattle metal band. They're one of the best bands ever. Alright.
  • Great band! Formed from the ashes of Sanctuary another great seattle metal band.
  • One of the best ballads ever.
  • Awesome song. Shifting shaping currents flow in memory...
  • @Tanasis: According to their Wikipedia page, it's a story about a man's slow decline into madness, subsequent to the death of the woman he ever loved. It's also a partial retelling of the events Warrel Dane underwent after the vanishing of his long-time girlfriend.


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