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  • Avatar di Shadow_GriZZly
    you'll know the way
  • Avatar di burroughs3000
    das da!
  • Avatar di Asteh
    We tried to tell you, now let us show you. You'll know the way. Like spiny fingers you'll separate. You'll know the way. Takeahnase.
  • Avatar di Kriegertod
    fav song.
  • Avatar di vdkellen
    one of the best tunes of neurosis discog.luv it
  • Avatar di gab136
    Scott made that word.
  • Avatar di betonbalazs
    dudes! what's the meaning of takeahnase? or what is takeahnase?
  • Avatar di EmptyUniverse
    so relevant
  • Avatar di EmptyUniverse
    We are facing a dangerous period ahead. If we do not stop, correct and change some of these wrongdoings, now, we are all going to suffer. Either things that we make will overtake us, or nature will take over. Earthquake, flood, rain, severe drought, severe winter, lightning destruction, great wind destruction; These things will warn us that we are not following the law of the great spirit.
  • Avatar di malonemuert
    probably the only one neurosis track I don't see much fuse about, but it's good nonetheless

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