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Neil Young

Only Love Can Break Your Heart (3:49)

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  • D' Sigit
  • The topanga version with CSNY, in the archives, is just unbelievable.
  • truth
  • I prefer the original version, by Saint Etienne
  • For sure....... don't you just hate it for that reason?
  • The St Etienne cover makes mincemeat out of the original.
  • simmer down people..sometimes plays different versions of the same song...but the one they play for me is always Young :)
  • this is neil young - anyone who says different is clueless. I've been listening to the man for more than 40 years ...........
  • it is definately Neil on the version I was listening to here 7.5.2012
  • wonderful!
  • this is Neil Young without question
  • This is the best!
  • I got the NY version... I`m NOT interested to hear the cover band !
  • I got the NY version....I'm interested to hear the other version.
  • The cover version the last fm sample/radio plays is by the swedes Nils Landgren & Johan Norberg from their first album together under the name "Chapter 2". If you got Spotify:
  • I don't know whom everyone is hearing....Definitely is Neil
  • Who's singing on sample/radio version? I like that acoustic cover.
  • Who´s singing? Its not Neil Young.
  • that´s not NY
  • excellent
  • Not Neil Young singing! How disappointing.
  • @Crimson phantom, i was very skeptical about the I Blame Coco Version, but yeh...pretty decent, original take on this. Gives it a different mood altogether, i like it :)
  • that's NOT Neil Young singing!
  • a masterpiece!
  • Wie schön....wie wahr.......
  • I Blame Coco does a really good cover of this! (Sting's daughter, for those of you interested.)
  • Or too much lard. Wouldn't have worked as a lyric though.
  • Amen brother! Neil speaks the truth on this one. [2] And I really do think that only love can break your heart. Not just romantic love, mind...
  • good one- ksol1460-neil is alot more organic than todd-at least thats my impression
  • That's true.....thanks Jem :-)
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart....dieser süße Schmerz....
  • While love usually is the one who breaks hearts, it's ceirtainly not the only thing that does it.
  • that.s not sounding like him -but not bad
  • i love this: "i have a friend i've never seen/ he hides his head inside a dream."
  • Neil's fabulous but a great poet he ain't... What I'm hearing doesn't sound like NY at all btw, probably some cover-version.
  • who's version is it?? original is muuch better
  • Really, one of my generation's greatest poets.
  • I had the great pleasure to meet Neil on 6/15/11
  • xo
  • @ksol1460 LOL
  • Too true
  • I always think of this one as a companion piece to "Man Needs a Maid" though I'm sure they are only strike the same chord for me.
  • this song i can relate to
  • Great song, Neil speaks for us all, poet and one of all time favourite musicians
  • always brings a healthy tear to my soul...think I will call an old friend =)
  • Because Todd Rundgren is a cynical studio craftsman whose artistic sensibilities are completely different from Neil's.
  • why didn't Neil Young and Todd Rundgren ever work together???????
  • ...yr always on my mind


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