• Fret Phobia tour in June...

    Giu 9 2006, 12:50 di SoloBassSteve

    Got a really fun tour coming up at the end of this month, under the banner of the 'Fret Phobia tour', it's me ( Steve Lawson ) with fretless guitarist, Ned Evett, and on the London date we're joined by BJ Cole. Here are the dates, if you fancy coming along!

    20th - CB2, Cambridge 020 8361 1190
    21st - Darbucka, London (with special guest BJ Cole) Tix £7/£5 concs.
    22nd - Escobar, Wakefield.
    23rd - Oceans Eleven, Leeds. 07906 140 294
    24th - 2pm Riffs Guitar School, Stockport 0161 484 5208
    24th - 8pm Iguana Bar, Manchester 0161 881 9338
    29th - Traders, Petersfield 01730 233 022

    more details ASAP...
  • A simple word of explanation...

    Apr 22 2006, 10:20 di SoloBassSteve

    Just a quick note to explain why I'm spending so much time listening to myself of late (for those that have come to this late, Steve Lawson is SoloBassSteve is me.)

    I'm just finishing up a new album, called 'Behind Every Word', should be out mid-June (in time for a tour with Ned Evett at the end of the month). Part of the process of deciding what works and what doesn't is listening to things on different machines, in different rooms and different situations, so the laptop becomes portable music source, and I rack up rather a lot of plays of my own music!

    It's not just that I'm some kind of self-obsessed narcissist (I am, but this is different).

    Just a simple word of explanation... :o)

    If you've got this far you might want to check out the gig dates list on my MySpace page which has lots of dates for next week and then through until August and a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Come and say hello!