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  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Necros
  • Who was this 'media dubbing things as hardcore'? A dubious claim at best
  • Eh, your average hardcore punk band.
  • i used to think the same thing, until i listened to conquest for death
  • I.Q 32 is the best.
  • lol no [2+666]
  • lol no
  • Andy Sega > punk band [2]
  • One of the most underrated hardcore bands of all time.
  • Just get foobar2000 with the foo_dumb plugin and convert those modules to mp3s. Takes some extra twiddling with the tags, but at least you'll get to scrobble.
  • Yeah, shame doesn't scrobble mods...
  • If anyone has lyrics or even a picture of a lyric sheet to Tangled Up send it my way!
  • punk>bullshit
  • Andy Sega > punk band
  • conquest for death is a masterpiece
  • When it comes to Necros, Andy Sega > punk band.
  • Sex Drive EP fucking slays.
  • [url=]Oldschool Punk & Hardcore[/url] <--join my group
  • this isn't the default photo?
  • cool stuff!
  • Who do I trust? I trust NO ONE!
  • What's up with "I Hate My School" being so high? Was it in a video game or something?
  • they do fucking pwn :p and ODMRules you ummmm yes that whole 7" is a classic you Douche Bag !! and ODM must stand for ODM = On Dick MoM i just realized how much of a DUMBASS that Faggot RyanJones is ...
  • stupid people`s all i know
  • :)
  • Necros fucking pwn. <3
  • I don't see why there is so much hate going on for this band. Yeah, they weren't as good as some bands at the time, but that doesn't stop them from being fun to listen to.
  • @unorthodoxt im sure its cheap to live there...and you can always visit the various nuclear power plants that grace the shores of a lake erie...that's why...
  • Ahh....Maumee Ohio, why am I still living here...
  • tears i thot this was gonna be fast :(
  • just uploaded iq32 and i hate my school on youtube.
  • I wouldn't go as far as saying IQ32 is a classic...but it's pretty damn good. Got me through high school.
  • great band i love 'em
  • These guys pre date your stupid lables - anarcho crust ??? you stupid kids don't know shiat
  • Man, Necros rock.
  • nah necros were the best at the time 1q32 was just released...then downhill fast
  • sorry ryanjones i gotta go with husker du, negative approach, then necros
  • simply amazing
  • good

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