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  • Underrated as hell [3]
  • This is probably damn near Nasir's best album going concept by concept on each of these songs.
  • "But damn, there are too many people that decide what good and bad rap is that basically have no understanding and idea of what good and bad rap actually is. Hop on every message board of fourteen to sixteen year old kids and see what they have to say about certain records. Listen to people who are fans of one sub-genre and what they say about another sub-genre. And it's quite likely that all of them will hate this record. This album is exactly what Rap needs now, to finally establish itself as a genre that is able to do more than just excite the young bucks. "Street Disciple" is an album for the - disillusioned by childish rap crap - mature audience. urbansmarts, 2004. Bingo.
  • The second disc sags a little with some of the songs about love/women and things of that nature, but overall is a very very solid release by Nasir.
  • Also, I don't think there's that much filler at all - especially for a double disc. Topically, each track flows into the next so taking one track out of the mix could potentially ruin the overall effect.
  • Top 5 double hip hop album.
  • Underrated as hell [2]
  • Underrated As hell
  • 5th best for me behind the 2 matics, IWW & HHID...
  • underrated, has some filler but great tracks too

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