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I Nailbomb sono un side-project di Max Cavalera e Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel), attivo a metà degli anni '90.

I Naibomb hanno pubblicato Point Blank (1994) e Proud To Commit Commercial Suicide(1995), oltre al recente DVD Live At Dynamo.

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  • Excuse me while I laugh at the clown below who thinks a band that sounds like a cross between Sepultura/Slayer/Dark Angel and Godflesh is hardcore punk.
  • Max Cavalera interview at Download festival
  • Interview with Max Cavalera of Soulfly
  • жаль что на этот проект забили
  • Pretty much now.
  • Nailbomb = Sepultura combined with Ministry with influences of hardcore punk / crust punk bands like Discharge and Doom. Everything clear?
  • Everything is so upside down in your head. Nailbomb have nothing in common with heavy metal, they don't sound like fucking Judas Priest or other crap like that.
  • Completely wrong. Doesn't sound anything like hardcore punk, no idea what the fuck you're smoking or listening to.
  • ↓ No one doubts they are a hardcore punk band, so what's the point of saying this and being ironic? The bio is right, they played hardcore punk/groove metal with industrial influences, not fucking heavy metal.
  • Gee, a project comprised of two people, both from genres which draw directly from hardcore punk in their other bands, has hardcore influence? Whodathunkit.

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