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I Nagelfar sono stati una band progressive black metal proveniente da Aquisgrana, Germania, fondata nel 1993 da Zorn e Alexander von Meilenwald.
Hanno pubblicato tre album: "Hünengrab im Herbst" nel 1997, "Srontgorrth" nel 1999 e "Virus West" nel 2001. La band si è sciolta nel 2002.

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  • what I wouldn't give for a new Nagelfar album. At least we have The Ruins of Beverast, which is almost as awesome.
  • These guys have become (one of?) my favourite black metal band in the past couple month.
  • Ist da draußen auch nur eine BM Band die irgendwie in die Richtung von Nagelfar geht? Mit Trompeten, Samples, im Sinne von Meuterei oder Der Erlösung Totgeburt?
  • v ich stimme Hipster Hitler zu. Wäre auch geil wenn von Meilenwald mit Ruins of Beverast auf Konzerten mal alte Nagelfar Gassenhauer spielen würde. Würd mir ja schon fast reichen.
  • always black metal bands from Germany are awesome!!! [2]
  • Alle drei Alben sind einfach brilliant. Es begeistert mich jedes auf seine eigene Art und Weise wenn ich sie höre. Kaum eine andere Band hat für mich so wenig im Laufe der Jahre an Faszination eingebüßt wie Nagelfar.
  • why not discuss it?
  • "Insects", while conceptually interesting, was musically pretty boring to me. But why discuss further Farsot on Nagelfar's site ? They don't have that much in common, imo.
  • First farsot album was great, 2nd one was a step down, but still solid [2] I felt like there was something lost in the translation. It was better in German like that of the album "IIII " on their second release "Insects" it just didn't seem as moving and powerful.
  • agreed, if you're saying their second album is Insects and aren't counting their demo cd Freitod.

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