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  • Avatar di Anastaxia_Xylf
    The third of the Endless
  • Avatar di Scvip
    only Part 3
  • Avatar di vavawoom
  • Avatar di AmberSanity
    I think the only reason this album gets criticism is because a lot of Nadja fans aren't used to Troum. Troum is very very prevalent in the collab. It seems as if Nadja kind of paid homage to this huge influence on them by working in that direction rather than pulling it their way.
  • Avatar di Fhtagn-SR
    don't know what yall are complaining about. this is pretty good.[2] Besides the Nadja ones, I'm not sure I've ever heard a weak Troum collaboration so I guess THAT is the point of this thing. People seem to see just the Nadja part ;)
  • Avatar di StDionysus
    don't know what yall are complaining about. this is pretty good.
  • Avatar di Nearco
    Not as good as the Pyramids collab, but solid nevertheless.
  • Avatar di fatalyti
    I especially like the third track. And the first Nadja / Black Boned Angel release, the Atavist/Nadja stuff and, of course, Pyramids with Nadja were really great collabs imo... :)
  • Avatar di AnUnholyVoid
    I thought this was a shambolic collaboration. Then again, Nadja's collaborative works have always been pretty damn awful.
  • Avatar di Khanatist
    This was about time to happen. Average by standards of both bands (and if it weren't for the typical Nadja drum machine, this could just be another Troum release), but hey.

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