• A Silver Mnt. in the Field of Zion Music

    Apr 30 2010, 21:51 di Bertels

    Sun 25 Apr – A Silver Mt. Zion
    Sun 25 Apr – Field Music

    It was some time ago that Coach Bertels saw the A Silver Mnt. Zion gig in Coach Webber’s event list, a real good band that is famous for their great gigs! For some time the event loomed in Bertels his mind and then finally it was pushed out by alcohol. Until one evening Paulus send Coach a text message saying that he was looking for folks to come along to the A Silver Mnt. Zion gig in Paradiso the next day! Well be darned, Coach thought! The show is scheduled for the small room and this is public knowledge for several months already, so it should be sold out by now.. Bertels checked out the Paradiso website and found some tickets left, amazing! Coach Bertels called Coach Webber to come along, but Coach Webber disappointed Coach Bertels, claiming to have an other appointment scheduled already. So Bertels contacted Paulus that it was OK, and that there would be a meet up at Central Station around five o clock the next day. …
  • Music under pressure

    Feb 21 2010, 23:04 di Bertels

    Sat 20 Feb – Kyst, We vs. Death, Long Conversations and the Closet Orchestra, Bar&Boos, Leiden.

    Saturday started very relaxing for Coach, getting up carefully and awake slowly with fresh coffee enjoying the magnificent Bertels Cube viewpoint overlooking the world. After a complete breakfast, Coach had to do some stuff against his will: housekeeping! The inevitable by-product of living apart together with society. Hours later Bertels peddled his bike through the cold windy day into the city, to visit the market, the second hand stuff shop and to get a nice warm Almond-Mochacino to go! Coach visited several shops to find the ultimate bikers bag, but Bertels had put so many demands for the bag in mind, that it could not be found in the real world. Damn Coach! Assortments are bigger then ever before, and still be an ass picking a simple silly bag! Bertels finally gave up, the perfect bag could not be found. On the streets all conversations seemed to be concerning the fall of the fourth government Balkenende. …
  • Fine Tunes at Finetunes

    Nov 6 2008, 16:38 di Bertels

    Sun 2 Nov – Damien Jurado, Tiny Vipers, Music for the Defect, Long Conversations and the Closet Orchestra. Q-bus, Leiden.

    Coach Webber, Bertels and C14 agreed to go see two movies during the Leiden Film Festival, combining the city trip with the Wotnxt Finetunes concert at Q-bus. The first film to be seen should be Transsiberian, an ice-cold snowy train thriller from the director of The Machinist. After that the new Coen brothers movie Burn after reading.
    But as Coach Bertels arrived at the theatre, tickets were sold out while Webber and C14 were already in!
    Damn, Bertels! So the Coach took his bike to another theatre and saw a war drama flick: The boy in the white pajamas.
    This movie is about a boy in Nazi Germany, the concentration camps and all the other horrible things were put slightly on the side for the story of this boys life (son of a German Commander).
    The audience went with it, laughing as the boy does ignorant little kids things… but in the end everybody was smashed heavily into the dreadful facts again.
  • Two bass brilliancy

    Nov 1 2008, 23:31 di Bertels

    Thu 30 Oct – Mogwai, The Twilight Sad. Melkweg, Amsterdam.

    After Mono, Explosions in the Sky and 65 days of static, Bertels adds Mogwai to his greatest-foreign-post-rock-shows list. Although Coach Bertels is not into statistics at all, the odds of familiar places and weird conversations were quite high this evening…
    The samples read the same recipe but had different properties nevertheless.
    Psycho Todd laughed like Krusty the Clown over a real beer and told Coach Bertels and Coach Webber what to expect in Shithole, Tennessee. His wife, sister and Dan the Man just sat there watching their worlds collide. Coaches get hungry easy, so they stepped into this fancy restaurant up Gentscanal. Some boy was dressing up tables and as Bertels already seated himself, the Coaches were asked for reservations, which they had not. Afraid of another Jake and Elwood debacle, the Coaches were asked to leave the totally empty place. The need for shady alleys brought Bertels and Webber to a somewhat alternative dinner…
  • Glasshouse Take Two

    Set 21 2008, 17:05 di Bertels

    Live at the Greenhouse, Holland.

    The place is great in its transparency, a glass house without secrets where everybody is equal. For the second time this year this location was chosen for a magnificent evening with three acts in which skilled musicians make very nice music for the 60 quests. The day started slow as Bertels listened to the radio: Spijkers met Koppen. A great live show from Utrecht with live performances from Henny Vrienten, Frank Boeijen and Henk Hofstede forming the trio: aardige jongens. Actually Bertels wanted to go to the pub where the radio show was to witness it for himself, but instead he stayed home and listened in through streaming radio. Around two o clock Coach Bertels got ready for a visit to the city, with a list of stuff to do and get in his pocket. On the list were items like: Patatoes, andijvie, lettuce, milk, butter, rookworst, stamper and dunschiller. Things needed for a lesson in Dutch kitchen art for five Portuguese, two Italian and one Katwijk kitchen newbie’s. …