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  • Avatar di PUCIKKO
    Spacca alla grande questa soooong!!!
  • Avatar di liquiddatura
    This isn't laziness. This is the LABEL uploading this track and calling it "Tsp." It gets played on radios and playlists without knowing to redirect. Vote for the new name then.
  • Avatar di popbus
    The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Avatar di MUSEforThought
    OMG! The title almost gave me a heart attack, I thought there was a muse song that has escaped my ears and I was like: nu-uh! D: hahaha especially since this song is on one of the albums that I own xD haha
  • Avatar di Maryflower
    I voted for the correct name :)
  • Avatar di FadingStar89
    i also wondered what tsp is. hilarious that so many ppl have the small print as tsp in their music library.
  • Avatar di Re2peR
    Vote for the proper name.
  • Avatar di spsoul133
    wow at the laziness of this. Sad thing is, it has over 400,000 plays lol
  • Avatar di colourblindness
    HAHAH THIS IS HILARIOUS. The Small Print. It's a copy and paste matter.
  • Avatar di beIowthehorizon
    "Ohh man, this scared the hell out of me, I saw it as someone's most listened to song from Absolution, my favourite album! And I was wondering why I call myself a Muse fan when I don't even know the tracks of my fav album, but yes, it's just The Small Print =D " Same with me. /:

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