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  • Avatar di mondobozo
    Lovin LOvin LOVIN Don Steele!
  • Avatar di sardonicus
    "Bring Back The Real Don Steele" is groovy, baby.
  • Avatar di astrosistah
    OK, I just listened to the "Bring Back The Real Don Steele" stuff for the first time just now, and I gotta say this is your masterpiece, Mr. Smolin. The songs are exquisite, both in writing and in playing. The band is amazing. Thanks so much for the advance copy. Are you ever going to put the spoken word tracks up here? How was it making an album without Stew? That must've been weird. Anyway, I am going to listen to this thing over and over again. I'm kicking myself cuz I totally could've gone to the show at Echo Curio when you recorded this and was just too lazy and flaked out. What a mistake. Oh, well. And I agree with sooterkin about the "upper echelons" regarding your songwriting. I hope people start noticing what a major league talent you are finally!
  • Avatar di sooterkin
    Hot DAMN, "Bring Back The Real Don Steele" sounds tremendous! Even though Stew wasn't involved with this one the production is ultra-fine, and, of course, the songwriting is in the upper echelons!
  • Avatar di sooterkin
    Just heard "Lily of the Valley" and "One And The Same" for the first time here. Beautiful new additions to the bootleg demo series. Can't wait to hear what these will sound like with the full-on studio treatment. Wonder if Stew will produce the next one . . .
  • Avatar di mondobozo
    Many congratulations on the Weeds soundtrack placement! Here's to many more!
  • Avatar di astrosistah
    So glad they included "The Earth Keeps Turning On" on the Weeds soundtrack album. Well deserved. Any plans to officially release the bootleg demos?
  • Avatar di sabrinadrill
    Great songwriting! Greetings from a new fan!
  • Avatar di astrosistah
    the bootleg demos stuff is wicked cool. scarecrow jesus is my favorite.
  • Avatar di sardonicus
    The Earth Keeps Turning On sounded great on Weeds. Perfect song for that scene!

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