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  • Avatar di gustr15
    that bassline
  • Avatar di Simpotjawka
    Musicians and Mike are great, I can't stop listening to this song :)
  • Avatar di poohliveslarge
    mood swings!
  • Avatar di newcarscent7
    This song is incredible. What dramatic changes...
  • Avatar di BathroomPoetry
  • Avatar di pingywings
    impsy bassline
  • Avatar di JBThazard
    The ending of this song rivals some of Zappa's most hilarious moments.
  • Avatar di JackMart
    Why do I keep hearing "POLLIWOG" at the beginning? D:
  • Avatar di rustytheginge
    FUCK... a song i hardly bother with... but MY GOD dats some funky azz bass!!!
  • Avatar di JammehDee
    The bassline is so goddamn good, I've been trying to play it but it's just too fast!


Nobler than Oedipus Foreplay with no friends Premature until the end Clairvoyant and toothless I've got a secret Babbling senseless No one will ever know Kids can be so cruel Suckle the sugar breast Smash the feeling Too happy - a jerk beyond a smile An asphyxiophile I'm the Humper; stop hitting me Walking the plank, swallowing dirt A hero unaware Johnny - just skin and juice and hair Tied in a knot beneath giggling My own two hands tickling me Boys and girls are stealing my oxygen Innocent friction All that's left is laughing, choking, laughing Sex? There's no such thing A rope and mommy's underwear Playing solitaire Hanging on, letting go Dangling to and fro It can't happen here NOOO Family weeping Floating away Tingling Fluid seeping It feels so good But please So bad Don't tease me

Testo di Mr. Bungle - Dead Goon


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