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  • half expecting mouse on mars to be some twenty somethings but nope just super ahead of the game i guess o:
  • Here pics and impressions of the 21 AGAIN Festival - Day2:
  • Here pics and impressions of the 21 AGAIN Festival of Mouse on Mars in Berlin:
  • fuckin love them, listening to their music since 90s, Actionist Respoke video on Viva Zwei = priceless, such great memories
  • <3
  • чем то на clark похоже , очень даже неплохо
  • Just open this band. Cool guys! Good job!
  • Last album - PIZDATO!!
  • Amazing live show!
  • WOW
  • good music !
  • WOW
  • WOW
  • the new EP is pretty amazing. some new sounds, but still retains their signature charm.
  • Great to hear them releasing stuff again.
  • One of the best artists in existence, in any genre. Been a fan for 11 years and will be a fan until either they die or I do.
  • best music i have listened........ ever
  • @ Puritanik - you forgot to add that this is just your opinion...
  • lol. thanks Puritanik
  • worst music i have listened lately. waste of time.
  • Blew me away at Sonar!
  • Killer set at Sonar 2012!
  • I like the new album too
  • fantastic new album .. love it
  • the new album is totally Hudson Mohawke
  • Yeah, Chromantic's one of their best ever.
  • I wanna touch their warm synths.
  • Monkeytown records RullEZ!
  • check out my review of parastrophics:
  • I love the last track too. It is funny that the numbers steadily drop track by track. People grabbing an illegal download, finding they're not into it, and giving up (at different points)? Or just shows how seldom most of us bother to listen through an entire album before we want something new?
  • Judging by the Week Chart, few people make it to the end of the new album. Which is a shame, because that's where the best tracks are, Seaqz FTW - kinda reminds me of Stuffed Funk, which is one of my favorite MoM tracks.
  • офигенная группа!
  • Fantastic new album. Top quality
  • The louder I listen, the better this gets
  • great album
  • fun, brilliant new music video for POLAROYCED!!
  • well, MoM never disappointed me, never.
  • polaroyced!
  • Hey guys, check out our review of Mouse on Mars' new album: [url][/url]
  • better than lana del rey haha just have listened them in a row
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Parastrophics may be their best one
  • oh fuck yes.
  • new album so good polaroyced so good
  • Mouse On Mars im Interview:


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