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Choral (12:53)

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  • bliss so saturated, my heart leaves a trail of blood drops
  • Quietly grand. If that makes sense.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • steady on then lisand_
  • spot on - perfection :-)
  • Not bad.
  • Very engaging work from these musicians Really like their approach
  • Very good song to listen to loud on headphones when you need to drown out coworkers.
  • Apologies for my previous comment ... listened to againafter red wine ... very nice indeed ... very relaxing ...
  • This helps me concentrate and study.
  • sugarplum meadows and candy apple forests
  • Absolutely beautiful.
  • serene
  • "why don't all sounds sound this way?"...... it's that thing when certain acts are better than others at what they do
  • Cool...
  • I hear a lot of stuff like this and all I can think, really, is this: "why don't all sounds sound this way?"
  • Really like this.
  • Replay button :[
  • +
  • This track is the definition of the coloUr queer
  • this track is the definition of the colour orange. [2]
  • No of the color Beige, which is the color of the universe!
  • this track is the definition of the colour orange.
  • still superb. still luhv. still. still. still. ...
  • drone ... plinky plonky ... coppaphelia ...
  • Love this... playing Danny Norbury's radiostation and bump in to lots of gorgeous tunes. Great day!
  • mm... warm sounds, like I'm on a sea plane looking down where the water meets the forested hills and mountains
  • Ah, it is getting better. Good tune....
  • Feels like I'm between life and death. And I mean that in a good way.
  • Very good stuff.
  • .... wow ..... : ))
  • Great, especially last minute
  • bloody brilliant
  • I remember good things
  • Makes my mind travel somewhere.
  • Enjoyable.
  • this is great.
  • double vinyl!
  • why is it orange? orange. orange orange. i love this feeling.
  • love
  • amazing.
  • i could grow to like this twinkle fog
  • The music of stars and space.
  • great job awesome show
  • A wonderful little journey to be taken on this.
  • a little stars of the lid-dy, good find
  • make me think, it's the only track of them.
  • this song - way awesome
  • totally chilled out to this; got hypnotised! :-)
  • Woah. thats all i can say. Woah. This is going into my tops of tops. i drifted away when i listened to this, and i love songs like this. They make me peaceful inside. and pla, i saw the ending as you falling down onto pillows, and at the last note, you fall asleep. but still we all got our own interpretations of this and thats what makes this song even more amazing.


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