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Morton Feldman (New York, 12 gennaio 1926 – Buffalo, 3 settembre 1987) è stato un compositore statunitense, noto per le sue musiche strumentali composte da suoni spesso isolati, con prevalenza di dinamiche attutite e durate spesso decisamente lunghe.

Feldman studiò inizialmente pianoforte con Vera Maurina-Press (allieva di Ferruccio Busoni, alla quale dedicherà nel 1970 il brano Madame Press Died Last Week at Ninety), mentre più tardi (dal 1941) si dedicò allo studio della composizione, prima con Wallingford Riegger e successivamente (dal… ulteriori informazioni

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  • "In my music I am … involved with the decay of each sound, and try to make its attack sourceless. The attack of a sound is not its character. Actually, what we hear is the attack and not the sound. Decay, however, this departing landscape, this expresses where the sound exists in our hearing – leaving us rather than coming towards us."
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  • Like bulls gone amok in bloody red trails of aimless fury, in their desperation to suggest anything at all, artificial prognoses of aesthetic understandings continue to keep painting their foreseeing ineptitudes with minimalistic strokes of web-spread nothingness. Why is it that the question which asks why baseless connotations are losing their promised self-disillusioning omnipotence in vague contextuality spiffed up as symbolism is still worth putting in an era of multilateral, firmly fastened progress lays beyond my reach of kindness to permit myself to spit blessings of toleration towards its dry springs. When the descriptive nature of things is obscured by velocity and weight, it is more than oftentimes that feeble-minded slowpokes will run far and away from the meat of things, and then call their cowardly mental fugue art, or worse, pass it on further in the sheep Olympics of mirroring as a viable product. It is music alright, but more than that is evolutionary stalling,
  • for, contrary to procrastination, it deliberately contributes to the death of any what’s left of the adherence towards the dynamism of truth. The notion of minimalism in music functions like that, it is merely a butchering of minima moralia’s frameworks, a shifting of its gestures of representation from functional recognization to mimesis dressed as an excuse for stylistic renewing - the very definition of inefficiency, of not doing anything by doing too much, kinda like this shout, oh.
  • Rothko Chapel goes beyond any kind of trascendental wannabe music I've ever heard. Really impressing, I love it.
  • come to brazil [5]
  • he's like my neighbour Totoro [2]
  • I don't want to listen to anything but Morton Feldman what's wrong with me help
  • still not minimalism

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