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Montt Mardié is an original. An esoteric hybrid of classical references and pop culture dressed
up in a beautifully cut 3-piece suit, he is to Noel Coward what Morrissey is to Oscar Wilde, and
to his mother he is known as David Pagmar. With a penchant for the odd ostentatious sleeve
note, and a canon of literary references as pertinent as his polka-dot cravat, Sweden’s newly
crowned prince of pop, ‘Monty’ would border on the pretentious, were it not for his geeky,
unabashed and downright self-assured conviction in his art.
‘My Creativity almost suffocates me. I try to break something and end up framing it.
Sometimes I'm worthless; other times I'm the greatest thing you'll ever see. When everything
feels good on stage, it is the most beautiful and seductive drug in the world.’
Montt Mardié (pronounced mar-dee-yay) is releasing his first UK album in 2009, immodestly
entitled ‘Introducing…The Best Of’. Still only 23, Monty has already released two albums in his
native Sweden - ‘Drama’ and the double album ‘Clocks / Pretender’ to much applause. His
debut, ‘Drama’ was recorded entirely in his bedroom and the latter was a justifiably indulgent
affair involving lush string and brass arrangements and duets with a veritable checklist of
Swedish Indie-Pop royalty. ‘Introducing….’is a lovingly compiled LP of full band re-recordings
taken from ‘Drama’ and the best of the double album, ‘Clocks / Pretender’.
A romantic and wistful dreamer, Monty’s music has the melody and sing-along-ability that you
would expect to spring forth from his eclectic list of influences - Genesis, Prefab Sprout, The
Cure, The Temptations, Elvis and Jay Z, to name a few. Such influences shine throughout the
album, not least because of Mardié’s soulful, nostalgic voice.

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