• Mohsen Namjoo

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    Mohsen Namjoo

    Line up

    * Mohsen Namjoo (Singer, Composer, Setar, Guitar)

    * country:
    * style(s):
    Fusion Persian
    * label:
    Barbad Records
    * type:
    Solist, Composer/Songwriter
    * gender:
    * instrumentation:
    instrumental, vocal
    * artist submitted by:
    Barbad Records

    About Namjoo:
    Born in Torbat-e Jaam in the northeastern province of Khorasan (Iran), Mohsen Namjoo started his musical training at the age of 12. He studied singing under Maestro Nasrollah Nasehpour from 1988 to 1992 in the city of Mashad. Since then, he has composed the soundtrack for a dozen films and many more plays. His voice appears in many of his compositions.

    Professional Experience & Live Concerts:
    1993 to present: Around 40 Individual performances as vocalist, setar player, songwriter, lyricist
    2001 to 2003: 15 concerts as singer, songwriter, setar player, and with the alternative rock band Mud
  • namjoo

    Mar 12 2008, 21:17 di PanaAli

    kollan in mard adame hesabiEye
    shayad be baaz'i chizash shak dashteh basham
    amma dar kol ,mazaminesh aaalie !Mohsen Namjoo
  • Iran’s Dylan on the Lute, With Songs of Sly Protest ( the new york times article )

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    HE plays the setar, a traditional Persian lute, and is a master of classical Persian literature and poetry. But the sounds he draws from the instrument, along with his deep voice and his playful but subtly cutting lyrics about growing up in an Islamic state, have made Mohsen Namjoo the most controversial, and certainly the most daring, figure in Persian music today.

    Some call him a genius, a sort of Bob Dylan of Iran, and say his satirical music accurately reflects the frustrations and disillusionment of young Iranians. His critics say his music makes a mockery of Persian classical and traditional music as he constantly blends it with Western jazz, blues and rock.

    Mr. Namjoo, 31, is a singer, composer and musician, but most of all, his fans say, he is a great performer.

    “I wanted to save Persian music,” he said in an interview at one of his studios in Tehran. “It does not belong to the present time and cannot satisfy the younger generation. …