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  • Avatar di martingrich
    I'm on a VU solo works bender, first time ever listening for whatever reason. Very impressed!
  • Avatar di jjarichardson
    Moe's music is fantastic and deserves far more recognition.
  • Avatar di Nimbie
    happy 70th birthday Moe!
  • Avatar di k_naruchiha94
    proto twee-pop [3]
  • Avatar di zvoytfsk21
    The last song featuring Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Moe Tucker is a Tucker's solo composition called I'm Not. You may listen to it [url=]here[/url]. RIP Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and Nico.
  • Avatar di pathtoyirah
    it's pretty silly that people are fixating on the fact that she was at a tea party rally.
  • Avatar di Punching_joe
    proto twee-pop [2]
  • Avatar di Lord_Kur
    proto twee-pop
  • Avatar di sunheadbowed
    Must be the Bob Diddley cover.
  • Avatar di helloimjoshua
    "I always thought Moe Tucker was part black for some reason" lol

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