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  • RED
  • very good
  • good
  • jk
  • I very much like romantic execution of this singer. Music all melodious. And its voice mentions the thinnest strings of my soul. When I listen to songs of this performer, really I derive pleasure. I plunge into a condition of a relaxation under its musical execution.
  • quelques dates en France, pleaaaase.
  • "Joe" and "Oak Tree" are amazing.
  • Her new album is near perfection <3
  • "Red" is devastating.
  • She's really great. New album is fantastic.
  • New album is so dreamy!! love it!
  • new album is wondrous, please come to America.
  • Have you guy's heard of, First Aid Kit...probably hands down my favorite band of 2014!
  • This is incredible!
  • WOW! Just discovered her. She is awesome
  • I love the new song!
  • quite impressed...
  • her debut on white vinyl plus immediate download :
  • I adore the melancholia and the sadness in her songs
  • This is simply sublime music. [2]
  • This is simply sublime music.
  • female Townes Van Zandt.
  • Sadness.
  • It's nice to see her get the recognition she deserves.
  • when i read: woman with an acoustic guitar, i thought: yawn. when i heard the actual music, my reaction was the opposite.
  • does anyone know where i can get decent chords to her music ?
  • there's nothing similar to her.
  • Sublime.
  • very unique...very dark...i like her! 8)
  • female Nick Drake
  • No Death is a really nice one.
  • Not as bad as one would expect
  • Flawless.
  • seems that soon she becomes very popular folk singer with songs like this
  • Une voix qui donne des frissons...
  • excellent
  • Ei ole pitkään aikaan tullut kuultua mitään näin kaunista '_'
  • So good!
  • one of the darkest singer/songwriter gigs i've ever seen. her lyrics send shivers down my spine...omg
  • great stuff.
  • Fantastic! ♪♥
  • Sounds awesome. Ei ole kehuttu turhaan!
  • something on Mirel Wagner in german language:
  • on kyl iha jepaa! en ois uskonu et toi o suomalainen mimmi :)
  • aijjaa
  • Onhan tää ny melko siistiä matskua.
  • Raw, dark and cynical indeed.
  • beautiful!


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