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  • This shoutbox is the dregs.
  • I wish Dick Head would've actually beat him up, maybe then Ian MacKaye wouldn't've ended up such a fucking faggot.
  • smoking weed and straight edge are actually like the same thing. I know lots of guys who smoke constantly that are still truly edge.
  • sXe - shit for faggots (2)
  • ian mackaye has the retard disease
  • nigger faggots
  • Don't smoke! Don't drink! Don't f*ck!
  • Love it
  • Cool Music
  • Cool Music
  • ама пёсн жаст лайк ю байгетебдсинстуду псинраун фамахеладаодединигдаваыаааааааааа АЙ ГАЙ СРЕЙ ЭДЖ
  • xXx Из-за леса, из-за гор, трезвость, молодость, хардкор!!! xXx
  • Obviously.
  • сХе говно для уебанов, но Minor Threat обожаю :3
  • sXe - shit for faggots
  • nobody cares about how you drink and listen to minor threat. it's not as if it's a requirement to be straight edge to listen to ian mackaye's bands...
  • Fucking love this band.
  • лучшее, что было на этой планете
  • зож хуйня
  • pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Minor Threat
  • sXe 4 lyfeeee<333
  • Remarkable how this band only has 26 songs (or something) and is in my top 30!
  • I love to masturbate to this music
  • класс!
  • i don't like reading the comments below but i do like minor threat a lot.
  • What's the problem with Minor Threat? they're good in what they's like blaming the fans of GG Allin for what he did.
  • this shoutbox should be nuked
  • best drinking songs ever! amirite?
  • Drunken Minor Threat covers are the best thing.
  • Straight edge 4 life
  • Look at that fucking bald-domed, alien-looking motherfucker. I can't even look at him without being angry. Minor Threat: first emo band ever. Fuck you Ian, cry me a river about how you don't fit in with society. Smoke weed. Hail Satan.
  • I don't wanna grow up
  • cool shoutbox
  • Greetings from Ukraine)
  • XXX
  • str8 edge 4 lyfe m7 2edgy3u
  • Escutem minha banda ai , mandamos um crossover / hc porrada nos ouvidos ! valeu galera
  • Oh Thomas, you ignorant shit, Minor Threat formed and broke up long before Rancid was even a thing.
  • "from when shooting heroin and anal opium beads are normal things and fits into society?" Because obviously I was talking about this and not socializing whilst having a few beers. I also don't remember it being in their lyrics - only smoking, drinking and sex: "I don't smoke I don't drink/I don't fuck/At least I can fucking think."
  • from when shooting heroin and anal opium beads are normal things and fits into society?
  • These straight edge jokes are old and 'pussy' is amusing coming from a Tom Waits fan. Waits writes music full of self-pity for those who don't fit in, the same way being straight edge doesn't fit in with the norms of pop culture and modern society. The difference is most people who are straight edge sing it loud and proud.
  • I love smoking huge joints and listening to Minor Threat
  • My favourite emo band
  • De lo mejor! de lo mejor!!!!
  • Ian MacKaye should be lynched from a lamppost and his corpse burned in a ditch
  • Ian MacKaye considers straight edge to be just his personal ideology and doesn't even like the straight edge movement or judge non-straight edge people.


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