• The City on Film Discography

    Mag 4 2007, 14:35 di andrewbiles

    Well, Uni for some reason seemed to finish a month early - although dissertation and another project still have to be done - and so I'm a little lost at the moment. Didn't realise this was going to happen, so as a way to procrastinate I'm going to try and get going on another discography a little later, this time for The City On Film.

    The City on Film / Kind of Like Spitting / Sterling Silver - Slowdance Tour (Jealous Butcher, 1998)

    7. Portland, Maine and the Pouring Rain
    8. Fairytale of New York (The Pogues cover)

    - 300 CDRs

    Two Hour Anniversary (About Midnight, 1999) - 7"

    1. Anticlimactic
    2. Blue Vegas

    The City on Film / Kind Of Like Spitting - Split (Sport, 1999) - 7"

    - Portland, Maine and the Pouring Rain

    I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk (Post 436, 2004)

    1. I'd rather be wine drunk
    2. How a helicopter sounds
    3. Give me good news
    4. Picture perfect fiction
    5. All the wrong notes
    6. Secret Santa Cruz (Lifter Puller cover)