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Michael Gordon Oldfield (Reading, Inghilterra 15 maggio 1953) è un musicista e compositore, caratterizzato da uno stile che unisce folk, rock, musica etnica e musica classica.

I genitori di Oldfield erano Maureen e Raymond Oldfield. La sorella Sally e il fratello Terry sono anch'essi musicisti di successo e compaiono in molti dei suoi album.

I primi passi Mike Oldfield li fa con sua sorella Sally, pubblicando nel 1968 come " The Sallyangie" il disco "Children of the Sun". Successivamente entra… ulteriori informazioni

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  • Tubular Bells
  • What the fuck is with those top albums.. anyway my throat aches for this genius.
  • Top Songs also with us to hear
  • Top Songs auch bei uns zu Hören
  • It's funny how many people listen to Nuclear to death because it was in Metal Gear trailer, but didn't even bother to check his other songs. Also, Nuclear is just a rip-off of King Crimson's Epitaph and I'm surprised that it's still on the top of the charts. Behold the power of hype.
  • Thanks, Metal Gear Solid V and Hideo Kojima, for introducing to me such a wonderful artist. Thank you too, Mike Oldfield. You all showed me who I really am. This is priceless.
  • Very unique style and tons of beautiful tunes <3

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