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I Metallica sono un gruppo Thrash Metal Statunitense, formatosi a Los Angeles nel 1981.

Hanno fortemente contribuito allo sviluppo del loro genere, insieme a Megadeth, Slayer ed Anthrax. Con più di 100 milioni di dischi venduti, di cui 57 milioni nei soli Stati Uniti, sono annoverati tra i musicisti di maggior successo nella storia dell'Heavy Metal e del Rock contemporaneo.

Gli inizi (1981-1983) Il gruppo fu fondato il 28 ottobre 1981 dal cantante e chitarrista James Hetfield e dal batterista… ulteriori informazioni

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  • I agree with the following posters too, the Holy Biblia is great.
  • @A1000Mistakes mas isso é uma bíblia. vou esperar sair a trilogia pr'eu assistir
  • David Bowie on Lou Reed & Metallica's Lulu: ‘Listen, this is Lou’s greatest work. This is his masterpiece. Just wait, it will be like Lou Reed’s 1973 album Berlin. It will take everyone a while to catch up.’ All you metalheads, haters & snobs just don't know how great it is! Reed pushed Metallica to record like the early albums, no endless re-takes, over-dubs, recorded in a few weeks not months or years like the records they have done since the 90's! Experiential & extreme in pushing the ideas of music & lyrics, Reed's vocals are such avalanche of words, almost neverending or endless! Subject matter about a young girl who does embody both elements of female sexuality's dualism, mother & whore, then who's murdered by Jack the Ripper! All off-course is sung by a 70 year old man which is based on an opera from 30's Nazi Germany which the original composer didn't live to see completed & performed after his dead incomplete mainly played by jazz bands! It was very unpopular at that time too!
  • I'm listening (not scrobbling it) to Lords of Summer (First Pass Version) and it's subpar. I hope stuff off their new album will be better.
  • Load is awesome, pls.
  • Best album to start with is where it all began: Jump In The Fire!
  • @InSearchOfTruth master of puppets definitely.
  • Lulu FTW!!!
  • @InSearchOfTruth Lulu with Lou Reed, it's best the thing they have done from decades!!!
  • Best album to start with exists within your own confined result of a coin-toss between Master of Puppets & Justice. Heads means Puppets.

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