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  • Avatar di HaohmaruRocks
    There is a riff of Victory by Megadeth, covered.
  • Avatar di HaohmaruRocks
    Great diamond head song.
  • Avatar di christopoll
    Great cover. Strong vocal performance by James and I love the part 3:05
  • Avatar di dasoverkill
    good tune no matter who plays it period !
  • Avatar di bartlascasas
  • Avatar di pyschoklown2
    awsome song
  • Avatar di P0Z3RK1LL3R
    @megadethjanczar You know that Diamond Head originally wrote Crown Of Worms but Dave collaborated on it and just changed the lyrics on it right? So don't try to say that Megadeth tried to rip off or copy Metallica (You will be a major dumbass if you do) or say they copied Diamond Head because Brian from Diamond Head approved of Dave using the song.
  • Avatar di pukhli
    See his face, see his smile!
  • Avatar di kenikki
  • Avatar di CaiUnderground
    one of the best
  • Avatar di dacha_31
    Flawless cover, suits perfectly the Justice era. :)
  • Avatar di MasterOvPuppetz
    extremely great song :D great energy!
  • Avatar di davidbowiegirl
    Great song!
  • Avatar di TURDF3RGUSON
    this is an awesome cover i think, and it's an overused word but the part from 3:17 to 3:30 is simply EPIC
  • Avatar di salagadam
    weakest cover in garage inc. diamond head version is far far better.
  • Avatar di Scrivy86
    This DH cover fucking slays.
  • Avatar di Sagotas
    uhh, what a fucking bad entry, that's no quality!
  • Avatar di Unforgiven1991
    3:06-3:30 nuff said
  • Avatar di Zilvis
    3:05 - 3:30 love this piece of song!!
  • Avatar di chalgakiller
    Ohhooohhh ohhoho ohoh!
  • Avatar di Type0815
    love it! \m/
  • Avatar di KaneRobot
    About on par with the Diamond Head version, but the bridge/guitar solo at 3:05 is awesome on the Metallica version.
  • Avatar di mateus_justino
    Yeah, they need to retire. Very little from the 90's on was worth it.
  • Avatar di shaman-x
  • Avatar di UTF
    Early days shit!

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