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  • Fucking killer track amazing solos in this one too and the drumming I love this song \\m/
  • Killer song,
  • Libertarians for the win
  • I always thougt he said soviets.
  • DAT RIFF !!!
  • Oh god why this song is so good?! eargasm!
  • Best song on the album. That fucking intro!
  • Доктор Андрей! [4]
  • 1776!
  • DTOM!
  • This song is so damn AWESOME
  • Доктор Андрей! [3]
  • Great song <3
  • Доктор Андрей! [2]
  • A Masterpiece!!!
  • when metalica was real...and good
  • That verse riff is awesome!
  • I'm in love.
  • Great song \m/
  • Great song!!!!
  • 'Murricuh #1!
  • This has to be one of the worst songs of All-time.
  • Don't Tread on Me @ Stade de France, Paris (12.5.2012)
  • this would be a good song to hear live
  • If you consider that at the time we were heading into Desert Storm,The lyrics work.
  • It's not too awesome but it's tolerable
  • 20 years to Black Album and Don't Thread on Me
  • Liberty haters... pshyeah, right. I stand by my opinion. This might've sounded understandable made at the height of the Cold War, if a bit too much like Reagan-era saber-rattling prickery. With the Cold War all but over and Iraq curbstomped in Kuwait, the whole "love it or leave it" thing smacks of pointless political dick-waving. Actually, that makes an interesting question. How come the war on terror led to the appearance of eyeroll-inducing country songs, but not that many people during the Cold War tried recording a song about putting a boot up the Soviet Union's arse?... Oh God I'm thinking too much again.
  • Доктор Андрей!
  • One of the best on the album
  • Josh: Exactly. This was probably shooting for "pride in your country" but ended up with "intolerant jingoism" (anybody who *actually* says "love it or leave it" needs a brain check.)
  • James really needs to stop hating this awesome song. I want to hear this live.
  • I don't read into lyrics like others, this is my favorite Metallica song of all time.
  • NH3Maser, the lyrics were not taken from West Side Story. The lyrics were taken from a piece of writing by Benjamin Franklin. Metallica's "Don't Tread on Me" is paraphrasing the entire article, which can be read here: Its likely whatever was said in West Side Story was taken from the same source.
  • i still like this song, but the whole "don't tread on me" idea has been used in really ugly ways lately
  • I *hope* that this is satire, a pisstake, or just released late. Gah... the jingoistic lyrics may have made some sense during the Cold War, but this came out in August 1991, when Communism already fell in Europe, the Soviet Union was disintegrating and the Gulf War had already ended with a ceasefire. It just sounds out of place/outdated. No wonder James hates it.
  • Soviet???
  • great song
  • I wonder why he hates it :-/ it sounds pretty epi-- cool
  • James Hetfield hates this song...he never performed it live.
  • Chorus sounds like a Russian folk song. Regardless, a good song and nothing more than that.
  • best song
  • this sucks.
  • This is a pretty weak song by any measure, but I was greatly amused that the intro is the opening phrase of [track artist=West Side Story]America[/track] from the West Side Story musical. 'Cause we all know that there's nothing more metal than musical theater, right?
  • to secure peace is to prepare for war :D!
  • Don't tread on us motherfuckers! We're not gonna take it!!! Freedom prevails!!!
  • God does that chorus suck.
  • Great song <3
  • *treads on James* Oops sorry dude


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