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Autonomy Lost (1:40)

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  • Sounds permanently in my head if I'm not listening to other Meshuggah stuff. [2] Even in my sleep.
  • Sounds permanently in my head if I'm not listening to other Meshuggah stuff.
  • i was doing something then i came back to the screen thinking hmm that sounds like djent ... oh meshuggah... that explains everything...
  • this track pulses in your head so does there other songs
  • dat riff [2]
  • dat riff
  • reaaaching fot the inner bright!!!!!
  • It's basically the reason why I consider Meshuggah to be my best music discovery in last decade.
  • Brutal catchy riff, yeah
  • that's funny dude
  • Reaaaching
  • it's nice to know that the next two songs will still sound the same
  • boshe jak ja to uwielbiam :)
  • Great
  • Brutal.
  • what a fucking album intro, amazing
  • wicked riff
  • WOW!
  • idiot v
  • You must listen to this rhythm when you are on magic mushrooms. Sounds delicious.
  • all else is imitation
  • beautiful
  • BAM
  • Catch 33 snakes... if you catch 33 snakes you will be death in life or death in death.... anyway your autonomy are lost...
  • sweet!
  • So many hours spent at a drum set trying to make my stupid little limbs play this polyrhythm. Fucking impossible
  • because theyre three different elements of the song. if you listen closely they change up. but yes, catch 33 is one epic song split specifically. GIMME DAT 'SHUGGAH!
  • rbx
    vicarious is similar to this track (especially solo)
  • yep, I think it's their way to make you listen to the whole album, not particular tracks
  • Probably for artistic reasons.
  • Autonomy Lost, Imprint Of The Un-Saved and Disenchantment sounds exactly the same. Why have they splitted it into three?
  • Just kick asses!!!!!!
  • hm, why even think of comparing Korn with Meshuggah?
  • They don't waste any precious seconds, do they?
  • Kick ass intro to a great and fascinating album. Catch 33 is my favorite Meshuggah album.
  • Korn evolved...?! Meshuggah = 1987..
  • track is hard
  • Ha ha, Korn evolved...
  • sounds like early korn after it has evolved into something darker and bigger and more intelligent.
  • meszuga jest odjebane

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