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Attivi tra il 2004 ed il 2008, il quartetto formato da Bongi-voce, Marcus-chitarra, Ciurne-basso e Bambo-batteria, registrano contemporaneamente a questo omonimo 7" nel 2004, con l'ausilio di Agipunk e ZAS, anche due pezzi "Nottetempo", che finira' nella compilation di Sons Of Vesta intitolata Memento Mori, e la cover dei Crunch "Puzzo di citta'", che vien inserita nella compilation The Fastest Side Of Italy. Nel 2008 altri…

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  • DOOM ON!
  • High school emo band ftw
  • Messiah Marcolin!
  • Epic Doom Metal Memento Mori!
  • Swedish post-punk band for me. I can't say I'm too surprised that there are so many bands with this name, since it's not exactly terribly creative. I was still a little taken aback by the photo of the metal band though, haha.
  • any body have a download for number 4?
  • Swedish DOOM Metal = The True Memento Mori!
  • I agree .Amazing how many bands with the name Memento Mori haha .sure theres some U.K folk band came up at one point and almost choked on my beer when i checked a vid and it was all Top hats clogs ,and violins .Each to their own and everything but when you want some old Messiah Clogs and a good old Folk Freak out just doesn't do it for me (sorry hopefully this will put fellow old doomsters on the right path (most tracks covered) ..
  • WTF? All what I get is a crappy 'alternative' band able to bore teh fuck out of an Egyptian mummy. I banned them after 3x of the same shit. I have nothing against alternative rock, I guess it has the right to exist... just that I want it to stay the fuck out of my lists. Man I almost puked my on keyboard.
  • Sweden band - post-punk, new-wave

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