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Maurizio started ,in 1986, to spin vinyls on all clubs of the deepest venice, legendary names like ” Teens club “, ” Elle et Lui “, ” Rouge et Noire”, the legendary ” Papè Satan ” Dolo and ” Le Capannine ” Jesolo, that are parts of the musical history undergound of Venicians clubbers.

As others actually still alive like ” Acropolis ( ex club 22)”, Pachuka, Le Roi, Arena Club, Villa Pigalle, Smoke, Capannina Beach ( jesolo ).

In 1999 he started to work on web with his first project : djmitch.it, and thank to this get some live gigs in europe like Switzerland, Germany and England !

With a particular attention at the underground world ( in that period ) of netlabels scene, he developed a new project : deepindub.org, a plattform to host his dj sets, and at same time organize and share a fine selection of the best netlabels productions.

With the time deepindub.org, became a 100% active netlabel releasing music compilations, ep’s, lp’s etc.

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