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  • that delay riff
  • One of my favourite Mastodon songs. Phenomenal riff.
  • My favorite on this album. [7]
  • Damn, this song makes me feel like I were floating through space, staring at oblivion. Perfect.
  • My favorite on this album. [6]
  • So did bill write the cool delay pedal part? That's probably my favorite mastodon riff of all time.
  • Dat intro.
  • Seriously intense track. I hope they play it when I see them.
  • I'm trying to imagine how mind-blowing it would be to see and hear this song played live. [2]
  • I'm trying to imagine how mind-blowing it would be to see and hear this song played live.
  • S H A M E O N !
  • This song is amazing
  • My favorite on this album. [5]
  • If getting kicked in the nuts felt good, this song is what it would feel like. But it doesn't feel good. Song still rocks!!
  • My favorite on this album. [4] Beautiful, especially 1:09 - 1:37 part.
  • My favorite on this album. [3]
  • My favourite on this album.
  • eargasm
  • The ending always reminds me of White Zombie, maybe it's just me...
  • a+
  • One of my favs..and the video is awesome weird, too
  • Has a sort of Pink Floyd vibe to it.
  • Fuck yeah.
  • Still gives me goosebumps, no matter how many times I hear it.
  • The guitar style reminds me of some Machina era Pumpkins, like Blue Skies Bring Tears. Awesome song.
  • Fucking Brutal!
  • Amazing track.
  • :)
  • love this!
  • Mastodons best song so far
  • cool
  • magic
  • The sound of those "shriek-riffs" are so epic.
  • I love love love love this song. Raaaawr!
  • Grab a guitar and play it its like sex.
  • this pretty much sums up what's to come for the years after this song
  • best mastodon song
  • Is psychedelic metal a genre? If so, this is it
  • Pure genius, one of the best intros to a metal track ever in my opinion.
  • Infinite path carved with unrivaled skill.
  • I want to have sex with this song.
  • just rediscovered this gem. Blood Mountain is quite the album.
  • didnt expected this...very good indeed.
  • fuuuuuck! can someone explain me how to write such songs?
  • This is a good song
  • O.O
  • great!


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