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Massive Attack

Special Cases (5:09)

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  • Очень хорошо.
  • 1:54 - I can feel the sounds in my throat. It's weird, but I love it.
  • Amazing!
  • i can't get the instrumental part of the beginning of this song out of my head
  • ♥♫ ♥ ♫Classic Massive seductive♥♫ ♥ ♫
  • Orgasmic and... very sexy.:)
  • The vibes....dark, mysterious, dangerous. <33
  • One of their most chilling songs - I like how the video serves as a warning against DNA splicing and fiddling with genes... yet it's impossible to properly interpret lyrically on it's own, which is what makes it such an all-encompassing song for the hidden evil of the world, when at the surface it sounds like a broken relationship...
  • not sure why but I've always skipped this track... but it has grown on me and this is going to to have to be on repeat for a while....... great lyrics
  • ♥!
  • Perfection. [3]
  • Perfection. [2]
  • best song on this great album imo
  • here's a video we've made with this special song. enjoy!
  • orgasmic.
  • dark and hypnotic, great lyrics
  • I'm a Special Case..
  • my favourite one...
  • damn fucking good
  • the bassline incorporates the inner destiny of life
  • Sinead, why does your voice have to be this perfect?
  • i'm amazed by this
  • this is such an excellent song!! this is my fave song to listen to when im going to sleep in the dark at night realy loud on my ipod!!!!
  • Stellar hit !
  • massive
  • k..... now i can't stop listening to this.... it's perfect!
  • ...massive attack is the shiznit
  • damn she blends in with the instruments so damn well! expected something totally different until the vocals kicked in.....
  • Awesome!I can't find the words. :P
  • amazing.......
  • Like all the best Massive Attack music it sounds even better on earphones or headphones. Like the end of the world.
  • dark, spooky, i like.
  • I agree with gonchofiffic, the lyrics really really spoiling the otherwise very nicely heavy mood. I still prefer what your soul sings and everywhen off this album.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Wonderfully atmospheric Love it!
  • Sinéad <3
  • Fundente...
  • No enough words to describe this track...... hey people ...."take a look around the world....." Try to change it See you all.......
  • It's like a different experience listening with headphones...
  • :)
  • classic!!!!!!!!!
  • Cool!!!
  • Dulce oscuridad...suave me mece....
  • завораживает.
  • Thank your lucky stars that he's one of them.
  • my favorite song of massive attack!!!, its like the perfect soundtrack for the end of the world
  • ominousonic
  • cool sound...
  • This song has such dark atmosphere that it sends shivers down my spine.


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